Osmino Launcher Live Icons

The only launcher that will make the app icons on your phone ALIVE!
Say "NO!" to boring icons of your favorite games, utilities, instant messengers and social networks! Set any of the animation modes: an event within the app, constantly animated icon or not animated icon.
osmino Launcher
Application and game icons are now truly alive !!!!

Launcher live (animated) icons is cooler than any live wallpaper. This is a very useful feature indeed and a real fan provided only by osmino Launcher. You can now easily find certain application in the list, view events with no need to use heavy widgets that eat up the screen and storage space and consume battery. 
osmino Launcher
And that's not to mention the fact that all the screens of your smartphone are not a bunch of boring static icons anymore, but a greate battlefield for your favourite apps' rebellious live icons.
osmino Launcher is a simple and handy launcher with no unnecessary features. It's fast, it has all essential tools and it's easy to make friends with.
osmino Launcher

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